Good One, God


About The Book

It’s Kelsey’s first time going fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico with Grandad and big brother Zach, and she can’t wait! When the beauty of a great blue heron prompts Grandad to say, “Good one, God,” Kelsey’s eager to find her own praise item too. And the bay is bursting with God’s good creations—turtles, fish, birds, and the salty waves themselves. But with each amazing miracle of nature, Zach beats her to the punch. Will Kelsey get her chance to thank God before it’s time to head home?

In this fun story with lively illustrations, join the author in bringing the joy of God’s creation into the everyday lives of children.

About The Author

Stacy Leicht

Born in Dearborn, Michigan, Stacy Leicht grew up loving animals, nature, and books. She worked as an elementary school teacher and literacy curriculum facilitator for fifteen years before becoming an adjunct professor and then a supervisor in the Education Department at the University of North Carolina–Greensboro. Stacy lives with her husband, Rick, and their rescue dog, Bella, in North Carolina. She and Rick have two grown children, and Stacy treasures time with her two grandchildren and loves reading, baking, and snorkeling at the beach.

Stacy Leicht

Quotes from... Good One, God

A great blue heron squawked and ruffled her feathers at them. “I think she’s wishing us well on our fishing adventure,” Grandad said. “Good one, God.”

“Everything God has made is good, and today we’re seeing some of his best work.”

That was something to praise God for!

Kelsey and Zach sang along, but Kelsey still kept on the lookout for something special.

This time, Kelsey was sure she would be first. She opened her mouth, but… “Good one, God!” Zach said.

Kelsey hung her head. Would she ever get to praise God for one of his creations?

All day, she had been looking for one of God’s special creations…and he was right here the whole time!

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