Prayerful Planning: An Inspirational Planning Resource for Educators


About The Book

Are you in education because you want to make a difference in the lives of your students? This six-week inspirational planning guide from an experienced educator will help.

Prayerful Planning is a helpful and inspirational resource designed to support educators in practice and faith. Maintain motivation and momentum throughout the school year with the help of:

strategies based on best educational practices to help you monitor and support your students;
thoughtful self-care suggestions;
inspirational devotions to help start your week;
Scriptures and prayers to encourage and guide.

This practical and solid resource includes a checklist and ideas for using data to support educator and student growth in knowledge and practice.

No matter why you chose this field, you will have a significant impact on kids. You hold the power to mold young minds, inspire greatness, and model kindness. Remember that when the year gets stressful.

—Kari Calcote

About The Author

Kari Calcote

I started my education career in 2007, teaching HS Special Education for a small school in the panhandle of Texas. Since then, I’ve been a special education teacher at a JH in Abilene, a behavior specialist, a diagnostician, principal, curriculum director and worked for the Region 15 Education Service Center. 

I've often talked about the role God has played in my life. God has always placed me where he wants. Where I can shine his love and praise his glory. God brought me back to my hometown to work in our small west Texas school.  Currently, I’m the special education director for four small districts.

I’m comfortable with my experience and role in education, but I struggle to step forward with my beliefs as a Christian.  In the fall of 2020, God a calling in my heart.  He called me to write Prayerful Planning.  A six weeks planning guide to help teachers instructionally, but also to motivate, inspire and remind them of the opportunity they have to show God’s love every day.  Education is a passion, and with all the changes over the last few years, it’s become harder than ever. 

Teachers need praise, but they also have to give praise to the one who controls all.  My prayer is that my book will help all educators focus on small ways to bring others closer to God.

Quotes from... Prayerful Planning: An Inspirational planning guide for teachers

No matter why you chose this field, you will have a significant impact on kids. You hold the power to mold young minds, inspire greatness, and model kindness. Remember that when the year gets stressful.

We can take heart and remember we can still show God’s love by living as we are called. We can bring students to God through kindness, compassion, and encouragement. Watch for small, daily opportunities to share God’s love.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you are reactive due to slow cognitive processing.  Keep your body and brain functioning at its highest level.

All of the small things you do daily: a smile when someone needs it, a kind word, gentle redirection, are all ways you share the love of Christ with those around you.

When I stop and organize one area it recharges my motivation and gives me confidence to make it through the day.

There are an endless number of opportunities in your class to teach kids to show love and kindness.  Be intentional about finding ways to teach others how to be kind.

While it’s easy to let your desire for recognition sneak into your mind, God knows your heart and knows you serve others to serve him.

Have a day-to-day plan for what needs to get done and how you can best help your students. If you are prepared, they will feel it. If you get scattered and frustrated, they will feel it.

I know the academics you teach daily are important. But showing God's love, teaching kindness, forgiveness, and salvation through Christ our Lord is a high cause.

Never forget the power of spreading God's love and message. He is with you, smiling as you move down the path he lays out.

You can't truly teach kids to go for their dreams if you aren't willing to go for yours. Have faith, you may fall, but that's the only way you will learn to fly.

Teaching is a demanding profession. The stakes are high, and the support is often low. But, remember, you are here for a reason. God is using you to reach others. Trust in his plan and know you are changing lives.

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