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Scarred Like Him: Seeing the Beauty in the Life You Live


About The Book

We all have them. Some are visible, obvious and seen. Others are invisible, hidden, and unseen. But they all are powerful, with the ability to affect our identity, value, and worth. They are our scars. Our hurts. Our wounds.


Denise Ann Goosby has struggled with her inner and outer scars since childhood. After developing a disfiguring, and often painful, skin condition as a child and enduring bullying, family dysfunction, and rejection, Denise has known physical and emotional pain her entire life. But where there are scars, there is healing.


Scarred like Him: Seeing the Beauty in the Life You Live chronicles Denise’s journey to feeling loved, whole, accepted, and beautiful. Through her story, you’ll discover that healing can only come when we offer up our most vulnerable, soul-scarred selves to the One who accepts us and desires to live through us. Each chapter of Scarred like Him beautifully weaves Denise’s story with a related devotional and a heartfelt song or poem, penned by Denise herself.

About The Author

Denise Ann Goosby

Denise Ann Goosby was born and raised in Compton, California, a preacher’s daughter coming to faith later in life. Her childhood love of writing led her to earn an English degree from Mount St. Mary’s College (now Mount St. Mary’s University) and a master’s degree in print journalism from the University of Southern California. After working as a newspaper reporter, Denise began a career as an educator in public and private schools for two decades. In 2018 she founded Healing Song Ministry to serve seniors, veterans, and the hurting in south Los Angeles County with music therapy for the heart and soul. She also writes and sings on her blog, Denise’s Healing Journey, and offers speaking and singing engagement. Denise enjoys spending time with friends, visiting museums and cultural sites, and cheering for her world-champion, childhood heroes, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers. She is single and lives near Los Angeles.

Denise Ann Goosby

Quotes from... Scarred Like Him: Seeing the Beauty in the Life You Live

What happens when you don’t fit society’s vision for what is beautiful—or your own?

Scarred Like Him: Seeing the Beauty in the Life You Live tells a story of how our outer and inner wounds affect our identity, worth, and value in the eyes of others . . . and in the eyes of ourselves.

Whether visible or invisible, we carry scars and too often view ourselves in light of them.

Where there are scars, there is healing.

The One who lovingly and sacrificially bares His own scars is willing and able to comfort and strengthen us, anointing our scars to bless others and bring honor to Him.

Take the journey and discover a healing that can only come when we offer up our most vulnerable selves to the One who sees all that we are, all that we can be, all that is beautiful—in Him.

We push through the hurt and grab onto God’s Word because it tells us the truth of who we are.

How easy it is for the Enemy disguised as other hurting and broken people—even, sadly, as my own inner voice—to play upon my doubts, fears, and losses and to suggest that I am not who God says I am . . . good.

He bathes our scars with His own scarred hands and accepts us as we are.

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