Seeking Joy

Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke: A Christmas to Calvary Advent Countdown


About The Book

Seeking Joy takes us from the chaos of Christmas in a weary world to remind us of the gift of everlasting joy found only in Jesus Christ.” —Tammy Whitehurst “The weary world rejoices!” These are the words God gave Christine Trimpe over and over during a difficult season, inspiring her to go deeper with her study of joy. What she learned was life-changing: God’s joy is more than abundant and carries us through our darkest trials and tribulations—seek, and you will find. When we delight in God’s Word daily, we can’t help but share the “good news of great joy.” It’s the never-ending gift with the power to positively impact the world around us. Even during times of uncertainty and major changes, the joy of the Lord sustains those who know Him and spend time in His Word. Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke is a twenty-five-day Christmas advent drawing us to live in the joy of the Lord despite our difficult circumstances. Beginning on December 1 with Luke 1, readers will go twenty-four days through twenty-four chapters in Luke, ending with chapter 25 for a final Christmas Day message. This Christmas season—or whenever you need an extra dose of cheer—watch how God’s abundant joy influences the world forever as we experience Luke’s gospel story.

About The Author

Christine Trimpe

Christine Trimpe is an author, speaker, joy seeker, and weight-loss warrior. After losing over a hundred pounds in her joy-filled journey of healing, God instilled a passion within her to inspire, motivate, and encourage women to pursue healthy, holy living— body, mind, and spirit. Christine speaks and writes for women all over the world, sharing the freedom Christ offers when we choose the path of surrender and sacrifice. Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke is Christine’s debut book, a twenty-five-day Christmas advent encouraging readers to live in the joy of the Lord despite their circumstances.

Her transformation story and Bible and Beans blog can be found at, and you can email her at [email protected] for speaking inquiries.

Christine Trimpe

Rave Reviews for... Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke: A Christmas to Calvary Advent Countdown


Christine Trimpe wants to see everyone live life kicked up a notch. She is like a stampede of encouragement gone full throttle! God has given her an undeniable thirst for refreshing everyone who crosses her path.
Seeking JOY takes us from the Christmas chaos in a weary world to the true meaning of Christmas and the gift of everlasting joy.
I love how she brings the people of the Bible to the forefront and focuses on how we can relate with them even in today’s world. She is truly AH-mazing!

— Tammy Whitehurst | Joy for the Journey, Motivational Speaker and Co-Owner of the Christian Communicators Conference.


“The word Joy brought Christine and I together because, we are both seekers of “His” joy. As I began reading through her Seeking Joy Advent Devotional, I discovered that she was taking me on a journey of finding “His” great joy.
I love Christmas and celebrating our savior’s birth. The devotional begins on December 1, in Luke 1, and Christine shares a familiar story with fresh insight from her journey of seeking “His” joy. Every day in December you read another chapter and dive deeper into her joy seeking adventure. The next thing I knew, the journey was mine too. By the time you reach December 24 and Luke 24, I am celebrating not only our Saviors birth, but the greatest gift of all, His death and resurrection. (I thought about ending it with – Let’s all keep chasing “His” joy together.)”

— Carole Leathem, Speaker and Author of Finding Joy in My Messy Life


“Looking for a convenient Bible study to inspire your faith during Advent? Christine Trimpe’s warm, friendly voice will guide you through quick and easy lessons, perfect for the busy Christmas season. You’ll be filled with greater joy as you go through the chapters with a warm cup of cocoa and your Bible.”

— Sarah Geringer | Christian speaker, podcaster, artist, creative coach and author of several books, including Christmas Peace for Busy Moms

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