Faith that Walks on Water: Conquering Emotional Bondage with the Armor of God

Faith that Walks on Water: Conquering Emotional Bondage with the Armor of God


About The Book

Is it possible to live a life free of negativity and shame? Thousands of books discuss managing the pangs of depression, grief, or stress, but how do we put that knowledge into practice in everyday life?

In this unique devotional workbook, Carolyn Dale Newell weaves humorous and heartwarming stories of her life as a blind woman—walking by faith both spiritually and physically—with practical, scriptural actions to boldly “step out of the boat.” Shining a light on specific emotions, such as fear, worry, anger, discouragement, rejection, jealousy, and more, she paints a clear picture of God’s love for us. Each devotional contains a prayer prompt and questions to help the reader plan a battle strategy to fit their own needs.

God desires that we live powerful transformed lives free of emotional strongholds. Carolyn delivers bite-sized chunks of biblical truth to help you breakdown walls and build faith that walks on water. Are you ready for the adventure?

Carolyn Dale Newell is a remarkable woman of God. If you’re looking for a devotional to help you grow in your walk with God, Faith that Walks on Water is it!

About The Author

Carolyn Dale Newell

Carolyn Dale Newell calls her blindness a gift from God. As a speaker and author, she enjoys sharing her stories of vulnerability and conquered fears at retreats and conferences, where she is accompanied by her beautiful black lab guide dog, Iva.

Carolyn has earned a certificate in Biblical and Theological Foundations from the Tony Evans Training Center and is a contributing writer for

Residing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her husband, Tim, she loves reading, eating pizza, and discovering new independence with Iva. Her inspiring books can be found on her website, A Mountain of Faith, at

Carolyn Dale Newell

Quotes from... Faith that Walks on Water

Shame followed me around like a long-lost childhood friend. Bitterness made forgiving feel incredibly impossible, and I still try to conquer stress today.

The night Jesus came walking on the water to His disciples, He strolled over churning waves. What had frightened these seasoned fishermen? A violent storm on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus came to help His disciples while walking over the stormy waters. My friend, we can walk all over our storms too.

Something amazing awaits us out on the open sea. Jesus stands there with His nail-scarred hand outstretched toward us. We will experience Him in extraordinary ways never before possible. Our faith will soar. The unknown won’t seem so frightening. Stress won’t weigh us down. Rejection won’t hold us hostage. The abundant life Jesus promises begins when we take that first step.

Here’s the secret: We don’t have to live in defeat because Christ conquered it on the cross. Christ didn’t die just to give us eternal life. He died to give us abundant life, and that excludes defeat. Each hopeless moment was nailed to the cross, and we have victory.

If Eve, a perfect woman with a perfect marriage to the perfect husband living in Paradise, fell for the element of doubt, we haven’t got a chance. Thanks to Jesus Christ, we have the victory.

God knew the warfare we would face. Don’t begin your day without prayer that includes all six pieces of God’s armor. We dress through prayer. Each morning, as you physically dress, get spiritually dressed through prayer.

As a visually impaired girl, I craved love with an insatiable appetite. Nobody wanted to hang out with the girl who can’t see. After God saved me, years passed before I appreciated God’s love more than the love of people. With the exception of my husband, I struggled with feelings of rejection.

I didn’t recognize the spiritual battle raging within me. The enemy hissed lies in my head. He’s abandoned you. I held onto Hebrews 13:5 like a life jacket that kept me afloat until the healing came, for He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).
I stopped asking, “Where are You, God?” I began declaring, “You haven’t left me.”

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