Wise words from co-authors Cynthia Cavanaugh & Andrea Tomassi. Birth of a writing vision, death and resurrection of the same, and onto a fruitful writing ministry.

2nd segment includes Insider Insights and special announcement of She Writes for Him Writing Retreat

Meet the Guests

Author, speaker, and leadership influencer, Cynthia Cavanaugh holds a MA in leadership, is an adjunct professor at Trinity Western University, and a certified Life Coach. The author of Unlocked: 5 Myths Holding Your Influence Captive, and several Bible studies, she is the founder of Women Emerge, which helps women network and collaborate for global influence. She and her husband have three grown sons and six grandchildren.


Andrea Tomassi is the founder of Transcended Ministries which encourages women to rise above their circumstances and claim their identity in Christ. She believes no hurt is ever wasted and longs to bring a message of hope and healing as she shares her story of bold faith. Recently, she has taken a bold step by leaving the family business after 20 years to pursue a degree in ministry. Andrea is married with three adult children and is enjoying a new chapter of being Mimi to her grandchildren where she makes her home in Northern California.

Books by our Authors


In this episode we get to hear from Cynthia Cavanaugh and Andrea Tomassi who are redemption press authors of Live Bold: A Devotional Journal to Strengthen Your Soul. During the first half of the program we’re going to hear from them and during the second half we are going to be providing some insider insights about writing and publishing. 


Main Points of Podcast 

  1. Cynthia Cavanaugh and what Romans 8:28 means (5:24) 
  2. Andrea Tomassi and what Romans 8:28 means (11:01) 


Tips & Tools to Get through your Romans 8:28 Moments from Cynthia & Andrea 

  1. The biggest tip and tool I would say is to build into your life now what you can pull out later. And that would be worship and hiding God’s word in your heart. (29:03) 
  2. Another tool too, is don’t isolate yourself. (29:19) 
  3. Remember what God has done for you in that past. And how you were loving God during that time. (31:59) 


Q&A with Andrea & Cynthia 

Q: How did it happen that you guys decided to do this, this devotional together? (18:21) 

A: Hear the answer on the podcast (18:29-24:17) 


Q:  So, what kind of feedback have you gotten from women across the country who have gone through this? (24:18) 

A: Hear the answer on the podcast (24:28-26:49) 


Memorable Quotes 

“Is this God’s dream for me or is this something that I want just because I wanted?” Cynthia Cavanaugh (8:17) 

“Sometimes your dreams get interrupted and we don’t like it, but God sees the bigger picture.” Cynthia Cavanaugh (10:48) 

“When we are in the middle of circumstances or a crisis that we don’t necessarily feel it in the moment that God’s working all things for our good.” Andrea Tomassi (11:19) 

Guest Bio 

Cynthia Cavanaugh believes our greatest asset is the power to influence and create space for others to flourish. Her story of brokenness has propelled her to write, speak and give voice to help others redeem their pain and heal through the pages of God’s Word. Cynthia is the Founder and Director of Women Emerge a movement which encourages intentional networking and training. She holds a MA in Leadership from Trinity Western University, and is an adjunct professor in the leadership degree program. She is the author of four books, two with New Hope Publishers and two with Redemption Press. Cynthia is a bonafide tea snob who loves connecting with others over a cuppa. She and Kevin make their home in the far corner of the Pacific NW and have three married sons. Her happiest place on earth is being Nana to her grandchildren. 

Andrea J. Tomassi is an award-winning author and motivational speaker. She makes her home in Northern California and is married with three adult children. She enjoys being “Mimi” to her three grandchildren and enjoys singing, writing, and journal collecting. Shopping, girl time, and coffee is a perfect day! 


Live Bold: A Devotional to Strengthen Your Soul (1:11) 

Anchored: Leading Through the Storms (3:25) 


Guest Websites 



Andrea Tomassi 



Cynthia Kavanaugh 


Writers Retreat (35:25) 

 Visit shewritesforhim.com for more information on the 3-Day, 3-Night Intensive writing retreat coming up in April (35:25) 


PART TWO – Insider Insights (36:21) 

Topics Covered in today’s Insider Insights: 

  • Where do I Start? (36:20) 
  • How do you find your voice?  What is it and how do you find it? (41:20) 
  • Attending Writer’s Conferences (44:25) 
  • Coaching Programs (47:51) 


She Writes for Him Retreat, April 29th-May 2nd (51:20-59:56) 


Upcoming Conferences Mentioned in the Podcast: 

Northwest Christian Writers Renewal (44:52) 

Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference (44:57) 

Write to Publish @ Wheaton College (45:06) 

Speak-Up Conference with Carol Kent (45:25) 

She Speaks Conference (45:37) 

Florida Christian Writers Conference (46:07) 


And remember – write Romans 8:28 on your heart! 

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