Redemption Press author Brenda Wilbee discusses powerful choices for women in conflict and pain, and She Writes for Him Bootcamp grad Sara Cormany shares how God works all things together for good even in the midst of chronic pain and illness.

Meet the Guests

Brenda Wilbee is a long-time writer. Her work appears in Zondervan’s Women’s Devotional Bible #2, Inside Religious Publishing, where she wrote the chapter on fiction, Guideposts Best Loved Stories, and for 18 years she wrote for Guideposts Daily Devotionals. She’s written hundreds of articles, short stories, and radio scripts. Her 10 books have sold over 700,000 copies; six have been translated into Dutch, three transcribed into braille; and just about all of her writing, she says, fiction and nonfiction, are about yesterday’s women for women of today. It’s in this spirit, she updated a book originally published in 1992 by Harper San Francisco. The new title, in partnership with Redemption Press, is TAMING THE DRAGONS: Powerful Choices for Women in Conflict and Pain.

Brenda’s Favorite Job Is Driving the big, 50-seat buses, taking tourists coming off the boat in Skagway, AK, and driving them up to the Far North of the Canadian Yukon. Being Queen of the Road suited her fine. She was in her element, jawing about history, surrounded by breath-taking scenery, meeting people from all over the world. Too bad those brakes wrecked her right foot and benched her. She is a Mother of three, and a Grandmother of nine. Two are from Haiti and China.


Romans 8:28 Story With Sara Cormany

Sara Cormany loves to see the grace of God in the messiest of life. She is wife to one sweet guy and mom to four messy, beautiful kids. Her most recent book, Born Beautiful, guides moms and daughters through a God-breathed conversation on beauty and identity. And while most of her journey has been written through the lens of chronic and life-threatening illness, Sara is living proof a hard story can still be a good story. Connect with her on her Facebook or at

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