Who would have thought that God could take a young woman like Pam, with a dysfunctional and abusive family of origin, call her to Himself and save her for a godly guy like Bill Farrel … what a story of redemption! Marriage & Family Therapist, Denise Broadwater and her husband Greg renovated a house in Charleston, SC taking it from broken down to its glory, and during that process learned ways to renovate their own teetering marriage.

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Pam Farrell is an international speaker, author over 50+books including bestselling Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti (co-authored with husband, Bill Farrel) and Amazon bestselling Discovering Hope in the Psalms; Discovering Joy in Philippians, and Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament (co-authored with Jean E Jones and artist, Karla Dornacher). Bill and Pam Co- Direct Love-Wise ministries. 

Denise Broadwater has had several careers in her life including stay-at-home mom to three amazing children and elementary teacher in private schools. When her children entered high school age, she decided to return to graduate school and found her life’s calling as a professional counselor. She began her counseling career doing family therapy for an agency working with at-risk youth. After moving to Charleston, SC, she began seeing couples and clients privately, treating all manner of life transitions and marital issues. She considers herself a keeper of stories and reluctantly decided to share her own story through memoir. A House with Holes is her and her husband’s personal journey transforming a broken-down house back to its glory in a town that is known for historical restoration. Her vulnerability and frankness are refreshing in a time when relationships are more temporary than committed.

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