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The Latest on Xulon Press – Part Two

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Last year at ICRS – Unite 2016 I posted a blog about my thoughts after walking the expo floor at the annual Christian booksellers convention. As you can see, I was highly critical of Xulon for the huge booth and tens of thousands they charged authors to promote their books there.

I was initially impressed to see their smaller booth at Unite 2017 and thought:

WOW, they quit gouging their authors!

Well, it didn’t take long to find out that was a wrong assumption. They just decided to get sneaky about it and not be so obvious and in the open.


Can you spell, D-E-C-E-P-T-I-V-E?

Over in another area where there was very little traffic, was a huge room filled with racks and racks of Xulon books. All those authors I thought were being treated fairly were just hidden away after being gouged once again.

This room was down a side hall where there was no traffic. It had the Xulon Press sign outside of the door (notice the Mill City Press logo on there!)

A young guy manned the booth and was sitting on the floor playing with his phone. That must have been the “sales person working hard on your behalf” to sell the less than 2,000 attending book buyers on carrying your book!

When a friend went over and asked what their bestselling book was, she got a deer-in-the-headlights look from the “professional Xulon sales staff.”

Once again, Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media, has proven that the bottom line mission is to charge authors for overpriced and low-return promotion gimmicks that make you feel special but are in no way a good investment. As Mark Levine declared in the final edition of The Fine Print of Self Publishing, this is a great example of “those intent on sucking money out of you by falsely stroking your ego…” (yes, final because Salem Media bought Mark’s publishing company Mill City Press and the rights to this book in August of last year, promptly taking the book out of print so no one would see what he said about Xulon!)

May I say it again?

Shame on you, Salem Media!

Shame on you, Xulon Press!


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