Your Health in a World of Conflict

Your Health in a World of Conflict


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SKU: 978-1-63232-535-8. Author Bio: Clay A. Henry Tags: : BodyMindSpirit
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In Your Health in a World of Conflict, Dr. Clay A. Henry considers the damages of conflict brought about in humans to be similar to the impairments of physical illness. Reasoned analogies reveal both conditions are dysfunctional in nature. As readers journey with him into the physical and unseen realms of humanity, they will discover: A deeper understanding of the world of conflict in which we live The ancient origin and historical causes of conflict The detrimental effects of conflict on our bodies The mental and spiritual roots that form the basis of many health problems How to personally handle conflict What is lacking in their makeup that hinders optimization of overall health. The means to remediate the defective conditions of health.



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