Would You Die For Me

Would You Die For Me


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SKU: 978-1-68314-436-6. Author Bio: Patrick Irish Tags: : FamilyRelationshipsdysfunctional families
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In Would You Die for Me, Patrick Irish takes you through an expedition of time, as his life unfolds to tell the true events of what happens between the seen and unseen lines of reality.

Who was I to pass judgment, who was I to decide what some deserved? Was I innocent? No, not by any means, but in the life I had lived, I hated those that preyed on the weak, those that stood above. In my mind, I was doing the world a favor.

For most, life is a journey, from one road to another, and for some, there is a journey that brings life to the brink of death. Pulling the reader in deeper with every turn of the page, his world soon becomes yours, as you find yourself in the imprint of each letter. Would You Die for Me was inspired to prove, when all seems to be lost, no matter how young, old, or indifferent, we all share one common goal, that is simply...to be loved. 


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