The Orphan Syndrome: Breaking Free and Finding Home

The Orphan Syndrome: Breaking Free and Finding Home


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SKU: 978-1-63232-647-8. Author Bio: Nick Eno Tags: : ReligionChristian MinistryCounselingRecovery
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A counselor outlines the symptoms of a wounded orphan spirit vs. a healthy spirit and how an orphan spirit affects our relationships and ability to receive love. From alienation, disconnection, restlessness, to an inability to sense God's love, the syndrome is characterized by the lie that says, "You're on your own." Nick Eno provides dynamic, real-life examples of individuals who have struggled with this syndrome, and those who have been healed and transformed by the love of God. How to break free from the bondage of the orphan syndrome to finding your home in God as his son or daughter. #theorphansyndrome


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