• Have you longed to belong to a community that will help you further your writing goals?
  • Are you a Christian author looking for support, education, or practical tools?
  • Are you a speaker needing tools to translate your talks and workshops into a book?
  • Are you a blogger who wants to repurpose your content into book form?
  • Or do you just need help becoming proficient in keeping up with media changes to get your message out?

Join us at Redemption Press University for tools to jumpstart your writing and keep you current.

Our private community will provide cutting-edge online training by publishing professionals, access to a private Facebook group community, emails, webinars-all designed to help you succeed in your writing goals.

Published, unpublished, aspiring, or just someone with a great idea and a yearning to write, you can belongRedemption Press University has valuable resources for every writer.

RPU Membership Packages
- New Launch Date 1/1/2019


  • $27.99 a month
  • Weekly email with tips, helps, PDFs
  • Monthly webinar with live Q & A
  • Private Facebook Group Community
  • Access current teaching, PDFs, and one course per month (value $300)
  • Invitation to annual events: coaching clinics, intensives, retreats

Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA


"Write Now" Intensive

Come with an idea - leave with your first few chapters and an outline!

 Early November 2019

A 2.5 day intensive in an inspiring location to coach you from idea to first chapters.

Sample sessions include: values-based writing, developing your story/message, one-on-one coaching with editors and publisher.

Write Now includes two follow-up coaching sessions.

Athena Dean Holtz is a publishing pioneer who possesses a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience in the publishing industry.

As an author, I've gained valuable information and practical tips from the free webinars she provides to help writers and authors develop their craft. From writing and publishing guidelines to social media strategies, Athena can speak to it all. I'm so thankful for her generosity and willingness to share her knowledge with others."

Kathy R. Green
Author & Speaker

I am so thankful to be under the wing of Athena and Redemption Press. Not only do they offer professional guidance through the writing and publishing process, they continue to mold and shape new authors, as well as seasoned wordsmiths through the continuing education, hints, and tips we can use in marketing our latest projects. Thank you for taking us beyond the starting gate, and continuing to run the race with us! Your continued love and guidance is an invaluable tool on my road to success."

Tammy Lyons Wilkinson
Author & Speaker, whose Facebook Live went viral after her experience with a homeless man, buying him bananas instead of fried chicken at God's insistence.

As an author of Redemption Press, I can honestly say that I love this publisher. I say this because Athena Dean Holtz is passionate about making sure that she connects with her authors, and she is very available and welcoming to any question or concern that a writer might have. Her expertise, combined with her enthusiasm and desire to help writers put out the best product possible, is more than anyone might expect from a publisher. There is no glass ceiling here, and Athena is willing to share what she has learned through trial and error. Her knowledge is incredibly valuable, and you will benefit greatly by learning from Athena and experts from this industry. You will not be disappointed."

Shelly Whitenburg
Author & Speaker

Athena Dean Holtz has equipped me in countless ways on my publishing journey. She truly has a heart to make sure you have good information to make the best possible decisions. The wealth of experience and knowledge has been just what I have needed. It truly is a "jungle" out there! Redemption Press helped me put together a solid product coupled with greater insight and valuable tools for the future of my writing career. I highly recommend this online-school as you will receive great tools for your publishing tool belt!"

Christy Christopher
Author & Speaker