(PRESALE) Beyond Survival: Reclaiming My Life After I Was Hijacked by Rape


After being raped at gunpoint on her college campus, Amanda Collins feels like her soul has been murdered and that nothing can revive her, and her faith in God is destroyed. When at her lowest, she’s challenged to decide if Jesus is enough for her and to either trust Him or give up. Amanda decides to lean on Jesus’s faithfulness, but as she reclaims her life in Him, she finds herself launched into a new battle—one in which the effects rape has on the victim are not discussed and the victim is blamed. But her Savior equips her to reveal the lies and lead the charge to reshape society’s view of rape. It takes courage to read a memoir as powerful as Amanda’s story, but Redemption Press invites readers to confront the truth revealed between the pages of Beyond Survival. 

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Raped at gunpoint on her university campus, Amanda Collins’s spiritual pulse flatlines. On the outside she is seemingly unscathed, but inside her soul has been murdered. With Amanda’s help, her rapist is later captured, not only for raping Amanda but for the kidnap and rape of a second victim and the rape and murder of a third victim.  

When suppressing the agony is no longer effective, Amanda’s faith is nearly extinguished. But God doesn’t leave her to stay a victim. While contemplating suicide, she accepts that every layer of her being was affected during that heinous crime and finally begins the journey of learning how to live again. 

Her path leads to more adversity than she could imagine. Friends question her character, and others try to tone down what happened or even blame Amanda for the rape. But Amanda forges ahead in a battle to change the way society views rape, and she helps revive the souls of other victims wounded by this brutality so they too can move beyond surviving into living. Amanda fights for recovery and rediscovers her identity has never been in what was done to her but is in what was accomplished for her.  

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