God in Story: Who We Are – Book 1 Genesis – Exodus


In a bold, realistic, refreshing manner, this five-part Bible Companion Series offers an insightful, inspiring, and doable path for reading through the Bible. Genesis and Exodus (Book 1 of the God in Story: Who We Are set) gives readers insight into the Bible’s early families, showing how God’s love and grace transcends our lives. Short daily readings and thought-provoking questions provide busy readers with a full understanding and appreciation of God’s Word, themselves, and the world around them. 



“When the Church is open to the Holy Spirit and God’s Word, we will see the greatest awakening in history (Hab. 2:14). This series helps believers see the panorama of God’s story with His special creation—us.” 

—Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) 

Are you wanting to go deeper in Scripture but don’t know how? Have you tried reading through the Bible but feel overwhelmed? Ill-equipped? The Bible Companion Series can help. A simple one-chapter-a-day format lets you engage with Scripture without the pressure of schedules, homework, or heavy reading loads. Short daily readings and thought-provoking questions connect your story to God’s Word. 

In Genesis and Exodus, God reveals Himself as a loving Creator who longs to walk through life with you. Book 1, God in Story: Who We Are, takes you deep into God’s plan to share His life and wisdom with those who love and follow Him. The series’ storytelling approach will keep you reading, even through the most difficult passages. Find hope in the stories of ordinary men and women in the Bible whose encounters with God transformed them and reversed the direction of their lives. Discover that what God has done for them, He can do for you. 

Look for coming releases of the complete Bible Companion Series: 

God in Story: WHO WE ARE (Books of the Law)  

God in History: LIVING FREE. (Books of History) 

God in Poetry: LIVING WISELY (Books of Wisdom) 

God in Warnings: CHOOSING LIFE (Books of the Prophets) 

God in Jesus: THE ULTIMATE REVELATION (The New Testament) 


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