Fountains and Secrets

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Nancy Drew meets ancient Rome. In book 2 of Livia Aemilia Mysteries, impulsive Livia is more interested in solving the missing persons case than hiring fresco painters for their new home remodel. But her husband forbids her to get involved, knowing that she could be in extreme danger. Soon their lack of trust in each other leads them to behave in counterproductive ways that threaten their new marriage and personal safety 



In bustling, affluent ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius, status matters—yet some dare to ignore it. And some dare to defy social conventions 

Inspired by Jesus’s radical views, unconventional Livia Aemilia cares little about stuffy Roman dignity. She’d rather help others and solve crimes. But when her new husband forbids her from sleuthing, she continues in secret and soon learns that dishonesty doesn’t work well in a marriage. 

His face and reputation scarred from an old betrayal, Memmius Avitus cares about justice. Although from a respected senatorial family, he takes pride in helping underprivileged clients win legal battles over more privileged opponents, to the annoyance of his peers.  

When Avitus’s mentor is murdered, Avitus investigates undercover because he doesn’t want his inquisitive wife to get involved. His attempts to conceal the truth only cause more problems for his reputation—and his marriage. Eventually the couple forms a tenuous alliance, but when Avitus learns the mastermind behind the crimes is a ruthless longtime enemy, he fears for Livia’s safety and orders her to stop. His reluctance to explain why only infuriates her into reckless action 

Fountains and Secrets, book 2 in the Livia Aemilia Mysteries, is quirky, fast paced, and clever, showing readers that trust and honesty are more important than winning the battle of the wills. 

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2 reviews for Fountains and Secrets

  1. Dayna

    Livia is back! Being a newlywed can be challenging, but are all men so hard to understand or just her husband? Livia is trying to settle into her new life when she finds out that her husband is caught up in a mystery that he didn’t tell her about, and now he makes her promise that she won’t get involved. Fish pickle! Livia must balance keeping her promises with her natural curiosity and desire for justice. I love that each of the main characters from Death and a Crocodile have returned and that they are allowed to develop in this new story while still keeping the characteristics that made them so enjoyable. Learn all about Avitus’s past, smile at Roxana’s cheekiness and Nemesis’ antics, and try to untangle this new mystery along with Livia. Fountains and Secrets is a must-read for those who love an unconventional heroine and historical fiction.

  2. Barbara

    Lisa Betz has done it again! I was transported to ancient Rome in this well-researched book as Livia and her cohorts help unravel another mystery. This time Livia is a newly wed and also has to learn how to be a good wife while trying to be helpful and stay out of trouble. At the same time her husband is learning how to live with a headstrong young lady who doesn’t like to be told to stay home! All of the characters are so unique and well portrayed, even Nemisis, the cat! My thanks to the author and publisher for giving me a free copy of this book. I received no compensation, and the opinion here is my own.

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