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New Business Model Broadens Publishing Options

Eunumclaw, WA—With the triple-digit growth in self-publishing in recent years, authors have more opportunities than ever for seeing their work in print. Beat Barblan, of Bowker®, America’s ISBN agency, said, “Self-publishing is now supported by a sophisticated and highly accessible support structure. It’s provided everyone who has a story to tell with a method for sharing it and leveled the playing field to an unprecedented degree … Self-publishing is out of the dark corners and making its way into the mainstream.”

Redemption Press stands poised to assist authors in getting their work into print with a business model that puts the author in charge. “Our aim is to put authors in control of their projects by doing away with overpriced packages offered by traditional independent publishers,” says Athena Dean, co-founder of Redemption Press. Their model is built on transparency and the biblical principles of integrity and honesty. Translated into benefits for authors, this means personal attention, a la carte and fair pricing, itemized costs, and realistic assessment of manuscripts.

“Rather than making our profit from charging the author extra to buy copies of their own books, we negotiated a discount from the printer so can give true wholesale printing value to our authors,” says Dean, an industry veteran. Authors own all rights to their book files, and there is no expensive return program.

The six-month new press provides a support system for authors who haven’t found a niche in traditional publishing, or find that do-it-yourself publishing, or the use of e-book services, results in less than optimal products. “Our goal is to walk alongside authors to give them helpful tools and resources to get their message out,” says Dean.

Redemption Press opened its doors January 27, 2014 to first provide an option for the authors of out-of-business WinePress Publishing to get their books back into print after the company shut its doors. A full-service independent publisher, Redemption offers editing, design, social media, publicity and promotional services. Print-on demand, e-books and audio book services are also available.

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