The team at Redemption Press hopes and prays that your family is healthy and safe. The state of Washington like much of the country is on orders to shelter in place and so we are all working remotely from home. In many ways when working from home, we’ve had to adapt to balancing family responsibilities and serving requests in a timely manner. We want you to know that we are fully open and working hard to respond to your questions and email as quickly as possible. Our team is praying for you, our valued authors and potential authors who make up the Redemption Press family.

My book is coming out soon, will this change my publishing date?

NO, it won’t change your original publishing date. Our project managers, editors, staff, and printers are still working to make sure your publishing date stays on target as much as possible.

I need to order some books, is the printer who prints books still operational?

YES! Our printers have let us know that they are working and will still be printing books and shipping them.

I heard that Amazon isn’t making books a priority and people have to wait about a month when they order my book. Are you able to mail out books if people order them from the Redemption Press bookstore?

YES! We have someone who is able to go to the office to mailout books if requested.

What if I need to talk with somebody at the office, is there someone available to help me with my questions?

YES! If we can’t answer your question in an email and you need to speak with someone, we can schedule a time to talk.

I have scheduled a book launch, what would you recommend if we are still on a stay at home order when my book comes out.

If you have a book launch coach through RP, be sure and ask them what they would recommend. They have already been creating new ways and ideas to promote your book when it comes out.

Will my royalty payments still be processed during this time?

YES! We are working hard to make sure that our day to day operations are running as close to normal as possible.

I am thinking of starting a new writing project since I have extra time right now, how do I schedule a time to speak with an acquisition editor about my ideas?

You can email our Acquisitions Editor directly and she will make sure you are set-up with an appointment: andrea@redemption-press.com

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