Options for CrossBooks Authors

CrossBooks closes doors

If you’ve been published by CrossBooks, or are in the process of being published by them, we can provide you the following:

  • An understanding of all the files you need to request from your former publisher
  • The quickest options for getting your published book back into print and distribution
  • How to complete the publishing process hassle free

You won’t find “one size fits all” packages on our website, because we have a different business model. We only charge you for the services you actually need and will benefit from.

Redemption Press has helped hundreds of former WinePress authors get their books back into print and distribution, allowing them to access author copies at a drastically reduced rate than their former publisher.

Perhaps we can do the same for you.

Please click here to let us know you’d like to be contacted by one of our friendly, no-pressure, Christ-honoring staff members.

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