Unmothered: Life With a Mom Who Couldn’t Love Me

In her memoir Unmothered: Life with a Mom Who Couldn’t Love Me, popular blogger and speaker Phylis Mantelli takes readers on the roller-coaster journey of growing up with an alcoholic, narcissistic mother. Though often made to feel worthless as a daughter, Phylis, by God’s grace, eventually breaks through the pain and replaces it with a heart of a daughter who loves her mom unconditionally. Her book offers hope and encouragement to those struggling with dysfunctional family relationships.

About the Author
Phylis Mantelli
Phylis Mantelli is a speaker, blogger, co-host of the Podcast “24 Carat Conversations with Phylis & Rhonda and writer of her first memoir “UnMothered”. She writes on the personal testimony of mother/daughter dysfunction. Her memoir is of walking through a destructive home life with her mother As she finds her way out of the dysfunctional past, she still loves on her mother until her passing of dementia in 2007.

Phylis is a married mother of two grown daughters and a grandmother to her first grandson. She lives in Northern California and enjoys her garden, pool, Pilates, walking her dog and a peaceful view of the mountains each morning.

Author, Phylis Mantelli

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