It’s a powerful memoir of a mother’s undying love, faith, family, challenges, and the profound human spirit.”
—Joan Marineau, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Marcie Jones’s mother’s heart is shattered when her son’s marijuana use and psychotic episodes lead him to want to kill his parents and throw himself in front of a moving vehicle. It seems more than Marcie can bear, but by the grace of God, she and her family stand in the glare of mental illness and tackle the challenges and dire aftermath head on. Infused with grace and mercy, Shattering offers hope to those who face challenges that seem insurmountable.

About the Author

Marcie S. Jones

Marcie Jones lives in Appomattox, Virginia, and has served as a teacher and administrator for public and Christian schools for more than thirty years. Because the subjects of mental illness and drug abuse are near to her heart, she shares the story of her darkest moments to encourage others to hold fast to their faith. Marcie has been married for forty-five years to a man who believes in her writing. She has three children and four grandchildren, and spending time with her family is her greatest delight in life. She enjoys flower gardening, baking, and reading, and she previously published the children’s book Mama Cat.

Author and Teacher, Marcie S. Jones

Rave Reviews for Shattering…

…This book is powerful and relevant…

“I am so moved by Shattering. It’s a powerful memoir of a mother’s undying love, faith, family, challenges, and the profound human spirit. I was compelled from page to page, not wanting to take breaks. This book is powerful and relevant to many families who have walked similar
troubling paths. It provides inspiration and dedication to faith and connection.”

J. M., CAP

An Emotional Outpouring of Love, Faith, and Support

“What an amazing journey outlined in an emotional outpouring of love, faith, and support. I was deeply moved by the intense love of family and friends. Hunter is lucky to have Marcie as his mom and to have a family dedicated to supporting him. I believe all things happen for a reason, although we cannot see it at the time. Marcie’s willingness to share her story—just like her willingness in the depths of pain to sit with, hold hands with, listen to, and pray with Simone in the hospital family room—will touch someone and give them the strength and hope to make it through their challenges. I love Marcie’s connections to Bible verses and to words of encouragement.”

Dr. M. J. E.

Gripping, Compelling, and Intimate

Shattering is a gripping, compelling, and intimate narrative about the ultimate parenting challenge of living with the outcomes of a child’s mental health issues. This is a must-read for anyone experiencing unsettling and seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Marcie Jones’s compassionate memoir illustrates how family, faith, and perseverance
transform tragedy into wins through small gains one day at a time.”

A. M. M.

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