The Lifetree online article “How to Help Your Kids Stop Listening to the Negative Voices in Their Heads” warns parents about a voice that is influencing their children. “It’s not the voice of their peers. . . . It’s not their teachers or coaches. It’s your child’s inner voice, and it’s not always kind.” The author points out that though we can’t prevent this negative self-talk, we can teach children how to recognize it and discern the voice God wants them to hear—His. Tips include teaching kids to “capture” negative thoughts by writing them down or saying them out loud, giving the negative voice a nickname, and practicing listening to God’s voice by writing or speaking prayers and recording what He says in return.

In her debut children’s book, Millie and the Warm Wind, Jenna Winship takes children on a whimsical journey as a little girl learns to challenge her own unkind inner voice. Millie was having a wonderful time making a toy chest with her dad, until he corrected her paint strokes. Now sad thoughts are swirling through Millie’s mind, pounding in her head like a drum—telling her she isn’t good enough, that she doesn’t matter. Millie soon finds herself in a magical land where she learns that she can trade her lies for truth. Children will join Millie as she sends her lies far away and discovers her true value.

The book flows from Jenna’s passion for hearing God’s voice, living in our true identities, and teaching these concepts to children. Her hope is that when children read Millie and the Warm Wind, they will realize that Millie’s discovery is true for their own lives too.

About the Author
Jenna Winship
Jenna Winship graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2008 and then spent two years in Thailand, teaching English with her husband, before they moved to Atlanta, Georgia. While on staff at Grace Midtown Church in Atlanta, she taught about listening prayer, hearing God’s voice, and replacing lies with God’s truth. After having kids of her own, Jenna became passionate about teaching these same concepts to children. Millie and the Warm Wind is Jenna’s first children’s book. Her family of five now lives in Eagle River, Alaska, where they enjoy exploring and adventuring in the great outdoors.
Author, Jenna Winship

Rave Reviews for Millie and the Warm Wind…

…A must-read for every parent…

“I only wish I could have known Millie when I was a little girl! We so often believe the lies we hear about ourselves, and as children, we take everything to heart. How extraordinary would it be for a generation to learn—like Millie did—that they are not defined by their fears or insecurities, but they are intrinsically valuable and worthy! Thanks to Millie, every child will know that. This book is a must-read for every parent who wants their children to understand that, no matter what they do, or what they believe about themselves, that they are precious and perfect—just the way they are.”

C. G.

A safe and constructive tool for … experiencing the truth that helps set children free to discover their true life potential

“Every single time we teach on the topic of personal identity and the power of living from a sense of the true self, we are asked to please, please, please recommend a resource for children. “Is there any children’s book,” parents, teachers, counselors and clergy ask, “that helps children not only identify and understand negative emotions; but helps them learn to navigate these emotions in a healthy and productive manner?” My answer has typically been, “I don’t know of any.” Until now. Finally I can recommend Jenna Winship’s new children’s book Millie and the Warm Wind as an excellent resource for enabling primary caregivers and children to discuss the important topic of what is true and false in the world of emotional development and how to benefit from seemingly negative circumstances. Millie and the Warm Wind offers us an alternative to the false world of Instagram and social media that is damaging our next generation. Millie and the Warm Wind is a safe and constructive tool for learning and experiencing the truth that helps set children free to discover their true life potential.”

J. W.

Every teacher needs this book in their classroom

“Every teacher needs this book in their classroom to speak life and truth to their students in a kid-friendly and winsome way! Every therapist needs this in their office because it is cognitive behavioral therapy illustrated in whimsical story form! And every parent needs this book in their home because when we inevitably make mistakes, it will help us get both our child (and us) back on the path of health and wholeness. Thank you for this beautiful story!”

— E. B.

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