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How can three words have the power to change your life and revolutionize your world?

What three-word phrases can you think of that could produce this kind of result?

For many, the short list would include being told they have “won the lottery.” The three words addressed in this book are an invitation to something far surpassing acquiring the stuff of this world. Response to these words will change who you are, how you live, and your understanding of the meaning of life.

Three simple words sum up Jesus’s invitation to each and every person: “Come, follow me.” Jesus does not call us to merely believe in Him, but rather He asks us to actively follow Him −−to chase, pursue, trust, obey, abide in, and love Him.

Convicted that too many who call themselves believers fail to understand what it should mean to live as a true follower of Jesus, Ed Malone offers guidance and encouragement for knowing Jesus and experiencing fullness of life in a personal, present, spiritual relationship with Him. As a result, you will be transformed by your love for God and His love and grace for you.

About The Author

Ed Malone

Ed Malone has been serving as a pastor for forty-eight years. Along with being a pastor, he enjoys raising Black Angus cattle, carpentry, and writing. Author of three Christian books, Ed earned a masters of divinity degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary after graduating with an electrical engineering degree from the University of Tennessee. He lives out his faith by helping others and works as a lead carpenter for Habitat for Humanity, has been a counselor in a residential home for juvenile offenders, and has fostered children. He is a Vietnam veteran. Ed and his wife of fifty-four years, Gale, live on a farm in Tennessee and have two children and eight grandchildren.

Ed Malone

Quotes from... Three Simple Words

The fullness of life extending into an endless future awaits those choosing to follow Jesus in a present, spiritual relationship of serving God now and for all of eternity.

Following Jesus involves more than just believing something about the significance of his life.

The expression, follow me, sets the dynamic of an active, personal relationship as central to his invitation.

We answer his call by imitating his life, living out his teaching, and yielding to his authority.

If we want to honor Jesus, we will seek every detail of how he lived and what he taught to be manifested in our life.

Many claiming to be Christians know nothing of his teachings, how he lived, or have any desire to live as he lived.

The dividing point between being religious and finding peace with God is the difference between intellectual acceptance of concepts as opposed to having a relationship with him.

Even a small glimpse of God’s plan and purpose for us should stir an excitement to pursue all that is available.

Sensing God’s presence by being in a personal relationship with him provides a monitor for when we are not going in the right direction or are neglecting things that matter to him.

“Come, follow me” is an invitation to an out-of-this-world opportunity which fulfills the meaning and purpose of life.

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