Yes, I Hunt!
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Hunting adventures and stories from thirty years of successful hunts are told with humor and sensitivity.

More than a how-to manual, although it contains helpful tips and wisdom, this is a journey of one woman’s personal growth, and the gifts sharing in the hunt have brought into her life and relationships.

Inspirational, yet practical, the book is for those who are considering hunting, are hunters, or want to support the hunters in their lives.

God’s amazing outdoors comes alive as we experience the thrill of the chase, and the satisfaction in providing food to share at our tables.

Includes safety checklists, ethics of hunting, tips for successful hunts, and both meat and vegetarian recipes.

About the Author
Dr. Dawn V. Obrecht
Dawn V. Obrecht, MD, is a former emergency room doctor who consults in addiction medicine.

A life member of the NRA, Dawn leads a chapter of women pistol shooters, is an Ironman triathlete, and the author of three other books. Mother of two daughters and grandmother of six, she lives in Windsor, Colorado with her husband Erik Landvik.

Dr. Dawn V. Obrecht author

Author Dr. Dawn V. Obrecht

Rave Reviews for Yes, I Hunt…

A Book on Life and Transitions…

“[An] autobiography of growth, change, determination, and beliefs of an amazing woman. . . . a book on life and transitions which far exceeds the target audience of hunters.”


If You are Anti-hunting, do Yourself a Favor and Read It

“Dawn is a master at helping us fully understand information. If you are anti-hunting, do yourself a favor and read it. You will learn that hunters are indeed the true conservationists that keep our habitat and land healthy.”



“I thoroughly enjoyed reading these hunting stories and find it fascinating to learn how the author went from vegetarian to hunter.”


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