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Is Royalty Publishing in the Author's Best Interest?

Recently a pastor asked if we could just publish his book and take our costs out of the royalties. When I explained that we are not a royalty publisher and don’t feel that business model is always in the author’s best interest, he asked me to explain why. I thought this explanation might be helpful to those exploring all the different publishing options.

The Benefits of Coaching

Every writer can benefit from one-on-one coaching from a seasoned professional. We believe in this process so much that we’ve developed an affordable option with no long-term commitment.

After your 15-minute free consultation with the coach, the cost is $395 per month, (one-month minimum) which includes:

The Story of Redemption Press

Redemption Press was born out of a compelling need.

On January 8, 2014, WinePress Publishing announced on their website that they were closing the business, leaving almost 2,000 authors stranded and orphaned…their books out of print and unavailable to bookstores or consumers.