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We received an alarming phone call yesterday from a Crossbooks author, saying he received an email that the publisher was closing their doors and all their moneys would be refunded.

I had to contact a pastor friend whom I knew was in the process of publishing with them to make sure I was hearing the truth. He confirmed that it is, in fact, the truth. 

The Publishing Jungle Video Series - Part One

So you’re a writer or an author and you have a manuscript that you believe is ready to publish or you need a better publishing option, what’s next? Perhaps you're unsettled with your current or previous self-publisher or maybe you're just getting into the publishing game. It's time to choose your best publishing options, but how? We invite you to learn.

Lasting Impressions: Package Yourself With Class - Part Seven



So, we've covered a lot over these last six posts. And all of the discussion so far has revolved around tangible components you will want to implement in order to create a professional image online, in print, and in person. There are, however, seven intangible components I'd like to share with you in wrapping up.

Lasting Impression: Package Yourself With Class – Part Five

Today we’ll talk about your social media presence. First of all, I need to say that your social media platforms need to be created and maintained with a strategy in mind. When I first started on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ I just threw stuff on there whenever I thought about it or saw something inspiring. Not exactly how you're supposed to do it!

During this post we'll cover your social media presence. Before now we've covered: